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  R Michael Adair BSEE 1965 Bath Iron Works/Sr. Principal Engineer
  Wahid Ahmed BSEE 1992 MSEE 1994 R3Logic/Vice President of Engineering
  Andrew L. Alexander BSEE 1987 University of Wisconsin/Assistant Professor
  Donald H. Allen BSEE 1959 Raytheon Company/HAWK Missile Systems Project Manager - Retired
  Jeffrey C. Allen BSEE 1988 BSCEN 1998 Raytheon Systems Company/electrical design
  John W. Allen BSEE 1996 MSEE 1999 Sensor Research and Development Corp./Head of Electronics and Platforms
  Vincent M. Allen BSEE 1996 Pannaway Technologies/Senior Software Engineer
  Byoung E. An IPhD graduate work 1987 Testing House/ President
  Thomas R. Anderson BSEE 1987 Honeywell IAC/Sr. Principal Engineer
  Jeffrey C. Andle BSEE 1984 MSCEN 1989 BIODE, Inc./Chief Technical Officer
  John Andrews BSEE 1960 National Semiconductor/IC Architectural Design
  Michael G. Appel BSEE 1998 Roche Diagnostics/Field Engineer
  Valeria A. Audivert BSCEN 2000 LANCO Assembly Systems/Control Systems Engineer
  John E Ayers BSEE 1984 University of Connecticut/Associate Professor
  Kenneth W. Bach BSEE 1963 MSEE 1965 Electro-Metrics Corp./President, CEO
  V P. Badri MSCEN 1992 Datamatic Consultants Inc/Software Engineer
  Brent A. Bagley BSEE 1980 Cabletron Systems, Inc./Principal Software Engineer
  Ed Baker BSEE 1977 /
  Eugene G. Baker BSEE 1969 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab/Engineer Power Division
  Jason A. Bard BSEE 1997 MSCEN 1999 Naval Undersea Warfare Center/Electronics Engineer
  John C. Bardash BSEE 1984 Ciena Corporation/Lead Engineer
  Albert R. Barmby BSEE 1945 Sperry Corp./UNISYS Corp./ENGINEERING DH/ MISSION MGR/Retired
  Kenneth C. Barnes BSEE 1990 The Hammers Company, Inc./Software Engineer
  Jonathan M. Barter BSEE 1993 Western Kentucky University/Student
  Fred S. Bartlett BSEE 1979 Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Manhattan Beach/Eng. Section Manager, Macroelectronic-Special Process Section
  Charles P Baumgartner Mr. BSEE 1975 GE Consumer & Industrial/New Product Purchasing Program Mgr.
  Tim Beaucage BSEE 2004 MSEE 2007 Cummins Power Generation/Design Engineer
  Jonathan A. Beaupre BSCEN 1997 BSEE & BSCEN 1997 MSEE 1997 Motorola On-Demand-Solutions/Principal Software Engineer
  Holman Gilbert Beck BSEE 1975 Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation/Senior Electrical Engineer
  Brent W. Bell BSEE 1987 Intel/Sr. Business Analyst
  Jeremy R. Bell BSCEN 1998 ADP Taxware/Software Engineer
  Brian R. Bernier BSCEN 2000 Honeywell Space Electronic Systems/Senior Software Engineer
  Curtis A Beveridge BSEE 1971 Central Maine Power Company/Supervisor of Distribution Automation
  Scott D. Binette BSEE 1987 Protier Corporation/Test Manager
  Allen J. Bingham BSEE 1954 General Electric/Retired
  Eric Caleb Black BSEE 1995 LA Unplugged/President & Founder
  Alfred Blais BSEE 2001 Synopsys/Physical Verification Specialist
  James E. Blanchard BSEE 1976 MSCEN 1978 Raytheon/Program Manager
  Heather Blease BSEE 1985 Envisionet Comp Svcs/President
  Michael W. Blum BSEE 1983 MSECE UMASS 1989 BAE Systems/Sr. Princ. Elec. Engr / Engineering Manager
  Ryan M Bolduc BSEE 2006 Waldron Engineering & Construction, Inc/Electrical Engineer
  James J. Boutin BSEE 1978 Avid Technology/VP Customer Support
  Ray Bowden BSEE 1983 Sun Microsystems/Member of Technical Staff
  Robert M. Bowers BSEE 1950 Retired - GTE Govt Sys, Needham, MA/
  Leonard W. Bowles BSEE 1955 MSCEN 1956 Retired from M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory/Musician.
  Thomas Braun BSEE & BSCEN 1994 Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control/Software Engineer
  Stephen D. Bressette BSEE 1991 The Aerospace Corporation/Project Engineer
  Dave Brooks BSEE 1965 /
  Ronald O. Brown BSEE 1963 Ronald O. Brown Consulting/Owner
  Andy Bryant BSEE 1982 IBM/
  Thomas G. Bryant BSEE 1966 MSCEN 1968 MIT Lincoln Laboratory/Staff Member
  Merton W. Bunker BSEE 1985 US Dept. of State/Fire Protection Engineer
  Christopher A. Busick BSEE 1993 MSCEN 1995 Network Appliance/Member of Technical Staff
  Dana W. Buzzell BSEE 1972 MSCEN 1975 self-employed consultant/writer/owner/Electro Engineering Services
  Lawrence W. Calder BSEE 1974 Northrop Grumman Corporation/Principal Engineer
  Joshua J. Caron BSEE 1994 MSCEN 1996 RF Micro Devices, Inc./R&D Engineer
  Aaron A. Carter BSEE 2000 Maine Public Broadcasting Corp./Broadcast Transmission Engineer
  Scott R. Carter BSEE 1983 Argon Networks, Littleton, MA/Independent Contractor - ASIC Design/Verif.
  Michael J. Case BSEE 2002 Weatherford International/Senior LWD Engineer
  Daniel R. Chabot BSEE 1979 Washington Group International/Project Engineer -Sappi Field Office- Skowhegan
  Joshua A. Chalmers BSCEN 1996 National Semiconductor/CIM Software Engineer
  Greg Chamberland BSEE 1989 Automatrix, Inc/Pres. / Principal Automation & Controls Engr
  Prashanth Chandrasekar BSCEN 2002 Harvard University/Graduate Student
  Priyanth Chandrasekar BSEE 2007 University of Cambridge/
  Robert A. Cherry BSEE 1973 O'Brien & Gere Engineers/Technical Associate
  Alifya E. Chinwalla BSEE 1993 M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory/Associate Staff
  Evan Chowdhury MSCEN 04 Neuco, Inc/Software Engineer
  Heather M. Clark BSEE 1997 Fairchild Semiconductor/Verification/Methodology Engineer
  Philip G. Clarke BSEE 1987 MSCEN 1990 Naval Undersea Warfare Center/Electrical Engineer/Acoustic Engineer
  Danny R. Clavette BSEE 1995 International Rectifier/IC Design Engineer
  Stephen Clukey BSEE 1984 Fairchild Semiconductor/Design Manager
  Ken A. Cochrane BSCEN 2002 CashStar Inc/Lead Web Engineer
  Daniel Coffin BSEE 1991 MSCEN 1993 BBN Technologies/Senior Networking Engineer
  Ross Kelly Conant BSEE 1987 Naval Undersea Warfare Center/Senior Engineer
  Brian A. Conroy BSEE 1986 Central Maine Power Company/Distribution Engineer
  Brian A. Conroy BSEE 1986 Central Maine Power Company/Manager - Dispatch & ECC
  Richard R. Constant BSEE 1974 Public Service of New Hampshire/Sr. Engineer/Protection & Controls Engineering
  Richard W. Cook BSEE 1992 MSCEN 1994 Linear Technology Corp./Design Engineer
  Jason R. Cookson BSEE 2003 MIT Lincoln Laboratory/Associate Technical Staff
  Darlene Y. Coolong BSCEN 1995 National Semiconductor/Automation Engineer
  Darlene Y Coolong BSCEN 1995 /
  Timothy J. Cowie BSEE 2003 Idexx Laboratories/Sr. Engineer
  Jake Cowperthwaite BSEE 2003 Key Technologies, Inc/Project Manager
  Matthew V Crouse BSCEN 2002 IDEXX Laboratories/Applicaiton Developer, Instr Prod Supp
  Jason Cutliffe BSEE 1986 Progress Energy Florida/General Manager - Coastal Region
  Carl M. Cyr BSEE 1972 C.M. Cyr & Associates Inc./President/Owner
  John DaCorte BSEE 1985 Mount Desert Island High School/Physics Teacher
  Eric E. Daigle BSEE 1989 Daigle Automation, Inc./President
  Charles A. Davis BSEE 1980 Signal Technology Corporation/Sr. Engineer
  Lynn A. Davis BSEE 1991 Bath Iron Works/Technical Manager
  Jehad H. Dawood BSCEN 2004 Saudi Aramco/Distributed Control System Engineer
  Eric J. Dawson BSEE 1993 Warrior Consulting Corporation/Owner
  Raymond R. Desjardins BSEE 1964 Bell Labs / RAM Mobile Data/Retired
  David S. Dodge BSEE 1983 The MITRE Corporation/Lead Info. Sys. Eng./Assoc. Sect. Lead
  Terence A. Doiron BSEE 1990 NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr./Electronics Engineer
  Gary A. Dorsay BSEE 1963 Hutton Communications/Major Accounts Manager
  Jack Dougherty BSEE 1955 MSCEN 1956 Retired from Bell Labs - cabinet maker/
  Richard J. Doyon BSEE 1993 MSCEN 1999 National Semiconductor/Staff Circuit Design Engineer
  Russ R. Drazek BSEE 2000 Quadic Systems/Design Engineer
  Mark J. Dumond BSEE 1989 FeedForward/Senior Control Applications Engineer
  David L. Dunham BSEE 1965 Alabama River Pulp Company/Manager Central E&I
  Scott C. Dunning BSEE 1988 MSEE 1991 iPhd 1999 University of Maine/Professor and Director, School of Engineering Technology
  Norman G. Dutil BSEE 1994 National Semiconductor/Test Engineer
  Scott L. Dyer BSEE 1997 Mitre Corporation/Senior Software Systems Engineer
  Lawrie Eaton BSEE 1970 MSCEN 1972 /
  Robert J. Edgerly BSEE 1997 MBA 2007 Solidus Technical Solutions/Systems Engineer
  Joseph Vincent Enman BSCEN 1998 Compaq Computer Corporation/Software Engineer
  Joseph J. Ervin BSEE 1985 MSCEN 1990 Sun Microsystems/Member of Technical Staff
  Eric P. Falconer BSEE 1981 National Semiconductor/Engineering Mgr, Military/Aerospace Division
  Robert S. Falconer BSEE 1985 MSCEN 1989 Fairchild Semiconductor/Staff Engineer/SIMS Analyst
  Robert J. Faucher BSEE 1992 The MITRE Corp./
  Paul H. Fenders BSEE & BSCEN 1994 Analog Devices/ASIC Mask Designer
  Alan P. Fern BSEE 1997 Purdue University/RA
  Chris C. Field BSEE 1993 Enteractive Systems Inc./Director, Integrated Products
  Lewis E. Fink III BSEE 1984 Cabletron Systems Inc./Test Engineer
  Andrew J Fitzpatrick BSEE 2004 Woodard & Curran/Project Engineer
  Kris D Fleming BSEE & BSCEN 1995 MSCEN 1996 Intel /Principal Engineer/UWB MAC System Architect
  Andrew S. Flint BSEE 1987 AT&T Wireless/Test Engineer
  Chris Foran BSEE 1992 Superior Controls, Inc./Senior Project Engineer
  David M. Foster BSCEN 1998 Tundra Semiconductor/Design Engineer and Green Team Leader
  Chris J. Fournier BSEE 1993 National Semiconductor/Senior CPU Competitive Analysis Engineer
  Kevin J. Fournier BSEE 1987 IBM United Kingdom Limited/Senior Intellectual Property Law Attorney
  Paul A. Fournier BSEE 1991 Morgan, Lewis and Bockius LLP/Patent Attorney (Associate)
  Kenneth O. Frederic BSEE 1968 SAIC/Senior Scientist
  Brian D. French BSCEN 1998 UMaine ECE Department/Graduate Assistant
  Peter Gaboury BSEE 1989 ST Microelectronics/Corporate Equipment Programs Manager
  Paul Gale BSEE 1982 IBM Microelectronics/Memory Product Marketing
  David W. Galipeau MSCEN 1989 South Dakota State University/Professor
  Thomas E Gay III BSEE 74 MSEE 81 Summit Technical/Lead EE
  Susanne M. Gedaro-Braun BSEE 1994 ITC Group/Consultant
  Andrew J. Geissler BSCEN 2001 IBM/Firmware Developer
  Bob Gelinas BSEE 1980 Filehand, LLC/Chief Technical Officer
  Deron L. Gerow BSEE 1994 MSEE 1996 Teradyne, Inc./Hardware Engineer
  Roland A. Gilbert BSEE 1977 BAE Systems (formerly Sanders)/Engineering Fellow
  Walt Glaser BSEE 1991 G.A.L. Mfg Corp./Research & Development
  Shalabh Goel MSCEN 1995 Cisco Systems/Broadband Solutions Marketing
  Mark A. Goodberlet MSCEN 1984 Quadrant Engineering/Sr. Electrical Engr
  Todd M. Goodeill BSEE 1991 Maine Medical Center/System Administrator
  Yadhu N. Gopalan BSEE 1988 Microsoft/Software Design Engineer
  Thomas V. Gordon BSEE 1985 Self-employed/Optometrist
  Matthew C. Graf BSEE 1978 IBM Burlington, VT/Manager High Performance SRAM
  Sheldon L. Grass BSEE 1985 Cimaron/member technical staff
  Anders Green BSEE 1994 Atmel/Software Engineer, Digital Cameras
  Allen J. Greene BSEE 1982 Department of Defense USN/Electronics Engineer
  David S. Greer BSEE 1991 MSCEN 1993 AMD/Senior ASIC Design Engineer
  Nikolay D. Guenov BSEE 1993 BSCEN 1993 MSEE 1993 Freescale Semiconductor/Portfolio Manager, Network Systems Division
  Dev V. Gupta MSCEN 1976 Narad Networks/Founder, President and CEO
  George R. Gustin BSEE 1986 STR Software Company/Tech Support Representative
  Alan D. Hallberg BSEE 1993 Intel Corporation/Technical Marketing Engineer
  Abbas Hameer BSEE 2002 Texas Instruments/Product Engineer
  Mike Hankard BSEE 1990 Hankard Engineering/President
  Carl J Hansen BSEE & BSCEN 2008 BBN Technologies/Associate Engineer
  Merrill W. Harriman BSEE 1996 Schneider Electric/Firmware Engineer
  Fred Harrison BSEE 1967 MSCEN 1969 C&H Technologies/Pres + CEO
  Henry N. Hartt BSEE 1963 ARES Corporation/Senior Consultant
  Wendy R. Haslam BSCEN 1997 Husson College/CAMS Manager
  Gregory J. Hawkins BSEE 1987 Maine Air National Guard/Pilot
  Bobbi J. Henderson BSEE 1984 NAWCTSD/Project Engineer (EE)
  Robert J. Hennigar BSEE 1992 Champion International/Information Systems Engineer
  Hilary Henry BSEE & BSCEN 1994 Bath Iron Works/Manager, Electrical Engineering
  David L. Herrick BSEE 1972 MSCEN 1974 Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Company/Technical Director
  Chuck R. Herrington BSEE 1976 Geller Micro┼nalytical Labs/Lab Manager
  Robert R. Hickman BSEE 1968 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp./Engineer, Energy Management Systems
  Adam R. Hicks BSCEN 1992 Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Company/Senior Software Engineer
  Floyd G. Hilton BSCEN 2000 National Semiconductor/Test Engineer
  Steven J. Hogan BSEE 1981 i2 Technologies/Director, Strategic Marketing
  Isaac A Horn BSEE 2004 MSCEN 2006 Clearwater Instrumentation/Lead Design Engineer
  Lucie N Hutchins BSEE 2004 BSCEN 2004 Jackson Laboratory/Scientific Software Engineer
  Megan M. Hutchinson BSEE 2000 Orbital Sciences Corp, Space Systems Group/Integration & Test Operations
  Richard M. Ireland BSEE 1938 /Retired
  Naimul Islam BSEE 1992 MBA (New York Univ) 2001 Southern California Edison/Senior Manager
  Ryan C. Jacobson BSEE 1997 MSEE 1999 Tyler Technologies/Software Developer
  Andy Jacques BSEE 1991 LogoLogic/President
  Bruce M. Jagolinzer BSEE 1987 Central Maine Power Company/Planning Engineer
  Ajay Jain ME(Interdisciplinary) 1972 Excom, Inc/President
  Priyantha S. Jayanetti BSEE 1994 MSCEN 1997 Active Endpoints Inc/Software Engineer
  John M. Jenusaitis BSCEN 2001 ARA/Tyler Technologies/Software Developer
  Ying Jiao MSCEN 1992 Sun Microsystem/Member of Technical Staff
  Eric Johnson BSEE 1988 Maine Yankee Atomic Power/
  Channing P. Jones BSEE 1995 Silverdog Communications/CTO
  Daniel A. Jones BSEE 2002 MSEE 2006 BAE SYSTEMS E&IS/Senior Electrical Engineer
  Andrew M. Jordan BSEE 1997 Tundra Semiconductor/Senior Design Engineer
  Kenneth D. Jordan BSEE 1981 Cisco Systems, Inc./Systems Architect
  Scott J. Jucovics BSCEN 1997 Strategic Feedback Inc./System Developer
  Kailash Kalantri MSEE 1992 Acclaim Systems, Inc./CEO
  Gina M. Kelso BSEE 1997 MSEE 1999 Analog Devices/Product Engineer
  Thomas D. Kenny BSEE 1999 Georgia Institute of Technology/MS Student
  Maurice Moe Kinney BSEE 1998 IBM/Logic Design and Synthesis
  Joseph C Kinney III BSEE 2006 Eaton Corporation/Project Engineer
  Christian M. Klein BSCEN 1999 Fairchild Semiconductor/Circuit Design Engineer
  David W Knapp Jr. BSEE 2001 International Business Machines/HW/SW Test Engineer
  Daniel B. Knowles BSEE 1984 Eastman Kodak Company/Technical Team Leader/Senior SW Eng.
  Kent A Kofstad BSEE 1986 MITRE/Lead Networking Engineer
  Jared S Labonte BSEE 07 /
  Emilie C Lachance BSEE 2005 Raytheon/Software Engineer
  Jonathan D. Lamarre BSEE 2004 Allegro MicroSystems/Electronic Design Engineer
  Todd J. Landry BSEE 1989 Pratt & Whitney Aircraft/Advanced Propulsion Systems Analysis/Control Engineer
  Dwight M. Lanpher P.E. BSEE 1977 Lanpher Associates, Inc./President
  Jonathan H. Larrabee BSEE 1995 MSCEN 1997 Raytheon/Radar Systems Engineer
  Mark C. Larson BSEE 1986 Optigain, Inc./Director, Manufacturing
  Jeffrey R. Laverty BSEE 1988 MBA 1989 J Giordano Securities Group/SVP/Senior Research Analyst
  Jason R. Lavoie BSEE 1997 Bowdoin College/Network Engineer
  Shiying Law MSCEN 1993 Vytran Corporation/Sr. Software Engineer
  Daniel E. Lawry BSEE 1966 Self employed/Software Project Management
  Steven C. Leavitt BSEE 1971 Agilent Technologies/R&D
  Michael R. LeBlanc BSEE 1986 None/None
  Carroll R. Lee BSEE 1971 MSCEN 1974 Bangor Hydro-Electric Co./Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer
  Norman M. Leonard BSEE 1959 Maine Public Utilities Commission/Utility Analyst
  Walter V. Lepuschenko BSEE 1992 MSCEN 2000 IBM Microelectronics/Staff Engineer- Failure Analysis
  Michael A Lewark BSEE 2003 MSEE 2006 Three-C Electrical Company/Electrical Engineer
  Thomas E. Libbey BSEE 1980 National Semiconductor (Santa Clara, Ca.)/Manufacturing Quality
  John B. Libby BSEE 1985 Actel/Director
  Kevin D. Libby BSEE 1986 NVIDIA Corp./Senior Hardware Engineer
  Carlisle Lincoln BSEE 1988 MSCEN 1998 Alaska Air National Guard/Commander, 176 Operations Group
  Michael Litcher BSCEN 03 WellPoint, Inc/Developer Advisor
  Bruce R. Littlefield BSCEN 1987 MSEE 1993 University of Maine/Systems Manager/Lecturer
  John R. Littlefield BSEE 1978 MS Eng Management 86 IDEXX Laboratories/Hardware Quality Manager
  Christopher D. Long BSEE 1978 SAIC/Technical Director, Rapid Prototyping Systems Branch
  Michael J. Longtin BSEE 1991 MSCEN 1993 Lockheed Martin Information Systems/Senior Software Engineer
  Kenna L Lorne BSEE 2003 AKF Engineers/Electrical Engineer
  Mark S. Lothian PE BSEE 1974 Lothian Engineering Services/Sr. Electrical Systems Engineer
  Daniel D Lucier BSEE 03 Raytheon/JLENS Configuration and Datamangement Lead
  Jeffrey S. MacKinnon BSEE 1974 Semi-Retired/Computer Systems Consultant
  Erik W. Maier MSEE 1999 Quadic Systems/Assoc. Design Eng.
  William B. Mann BSEE 1949 retired/
  Debbie G. Manning BSEE 1987 Bangor Hydro/Engineer III
  Douglas J. Marble BSEE 1974 Bechtel Corp./Senior Engineer
  Nathan D. March BSEE 1997 Catholic University of America/Student
  Hank Marcy BSEE 1984 Whirlpool Corporation/Vice President, Corporate Innovation & Technology
  Jessica J. Martin BSEE 1993 RPI-Apex/Sales Engineer
  Michael S. Mathieu BSEE 1987 Touchstone Wellness, Inc./Partner/Certified Advanced Rolfer
  Jeffrey S. Matthews BSEE 1991 Matthews Consulting & Design/President
  Yves C. Maurais BSEE 1993 The Fitch Company/Senior Electrical Engineer
  Andrew D McClellan BSEE 1972 MSEE 1974 University of Missouri/professor of Biol Sciences; professor of Biol Engineering
  Linden H. McClure BSEE 1989 BSCEN 1990 Hewlett-Packard Company//University of Colorado/HP Workstations Division/HW Design Engineer//Adjunct Professor
  Hilary R McGinness BSEE 2003 Oak Point Associates/Electrical Engineer
  Thomas S. McIntire BSEE 1993 Autodesk, Inc./Software Q.A. Engineer
  Dale I. McLean BSEE 1958 Bell Labs/Lucent Tech/Retired
  Philip R. McPherson BSEE 1987 Verizon/Engineer
  Todd A. Merry BSEE 1989 xwave New England/Sr. Project Manager (PMP)
  Calvin L. Mesler BSEE 1959 Retired - Naval Undersea Warfare Center/Retired
  Robert L. Metcalf BSEE 1991 MSCEN 1994 IMPACT Science & Technology, Inc./Principal Hardware Engineer
  Timothy L. Michalka BSEE 1982 Hewlett-Packard Company/Technical Contributor
  Michael E. Miller BSEE 1965 Merrill Lynch/First Vice President - Investments
  Gift M. Mngqibisa BSEE 1996 searching/
  Peter E. Moberg BSEE 1982 National Semiconductor/Principal Engineer
  Charles R. Monteith BSEE 1965 Associate Measurement Co./Sales Engineer
  Derrick W. Morin MSEE 1994 SCC Portland, ME/Senior Systems Analyst
  Jason C Morneault BSEE 1998 The Fitch Company/Senior Project Engineer
  Mark F. Mroz BSEE 1998 Corning Incorporated/Automation and Controls Engineer III
  Justin E. Munson BSEE 1996 MSCEN 1999 Analog Devices/Sr. Product Engineer
  David F. Murch BSEE 1987 BSCEN 1997 MUNIS/Product Manager - Receivables, Collections, and Delinquencies
  Rafiqul Murshed MSCEN 1993 Cisco Systems/Senior Diagnostic Engineer
  Annaswamy Natarajan MSCEN 1971 Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, NMS Commn/Retired and living in Chesterfield, VA
  Reza Nekovei BSEE 1986 MSCEN 1988 Texas A&M University-Kingsville/Associate Professor
  Vincent W. Ng BSEE 1994 Cisco Systems, Inc./Software Engineer
  Leander B Nichols BSEE 1974 Comptus Inc./President
  Michael S. Oakes BSEE 2002 MSEE 2005 M.C. Dean, Inc./Electrical Engineer
  Gary R. Olson BSEE 1998 Hudson Savings Bank/Information Systems
  Rosemary G. Olson BSCEN 1996 Schneider Electric/Principal Engineer
  Michael J Osborn BSEE 1991 MSEE 1993 Advanced Micro Devices/
  Tim R. Osborne BSEE 1984 Microsoft/Group Development Manager
  Curt S. Page BSCEN 2000 Sanders/Systems Engineer
  Roxie Paine BSEE 2004 Analog Devices/Marketing Engineer
  Aleksandar Pantelic BSCEN 1995 Mind Source/Unix sys/net consultant
  Yiannis N. Papantonopoulos BSEE 1993 MSCEN 1995 Texas Instruments/Test Engineer/Data Converters Dept.
  Jesse M. Parks BSEE 1999 UMaine/LASST/Research Assistant
  R. Scott Peabody BSEE 1979 Sprint Nextel, Inc./Director
  Judith Pearse BSEE 1986 MSCEN 1997 University of Maine, EET Department/Assistant Professor
  Patrick E. Perry BSEE 1982 IBM Microelectronics Division/Senior Field Application Engineer
  Gary C. Peterson BSEE 1973 Controls Automation Technology Systems, Inc./President
  George R. Pettit BSEE 1967 Pollock, Vande Sande, & Priddy/patent attorney
  Randy J. Philbrook BSEE 1994 Juniper Networks, Inc./Hardware Engineer
  Calvin S. Phillips BSEE 1949 Retired/
  Lionel J Picard BSEE 1989 EMC Corporation/Principal Program Manager
  Michael W. Picher BSCEN 1989 CMC Technology Group/Director of Network Solutions / Partner
  Andrew M. Piper BSCEN 1999 Raytheon Company/Engineer
  Robert J. Plesset BSEE 1981 Fannie Mae/Sr. Unix Engineer
  Glenn S Poole Mr. BSEE 1971 Verso Paper Corp/Manufacturing Support Manager-Energy
  John D. Poulin BSEE 1983 Cisco Systems, Inc./Technical Leader
  Seth A. Pouwels MSEE 1998 Cisco Systems Inc./Software Engineer
  Lee A. Prager MSCEN 1980 Bose Corporation/Product Planning Manager
  Derek W. Price BSEE & BSCEN 1995 Sensor Research & Development Corp./Product Development Manager
  Peter H. Priest BSEE 1977 Law Offices of Peter H. Priest/Chairman
  Meifang Qiao MSCEN 1996 Bell & Howell Inc./Software Engineer
  Jason J. Quint BSCEN 1998 Munis/Development Programmer
  Saogat Rab BSEE 1991 O-O Designers, Inc./President
  Tarun Rathnam BSCEN 2002 MIT Sloan School of Management/
  Jason A. Raven BSEE 1995 MUNIS/Webmaster
  Daryl J. Rawnsley BSCEN 1995 iPhd 1997 National Semiconductor/Test Systems Engineer
  Robert A. Ray BSEE 1965 Lucent Technologies/Systems Engineering Architect
  Jason F. Reblin BSCEN 2001 MSAD 46-Dexter High School/Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry Instructor
  Robert J. Reynolds BSCEN 2000 MSCEN 2001 iPhd 2001 The MITRE Corporation/Sr. Integrated Electronics Engineer
  Susan G Rice BSEE 1986 IDEXX Laboratories, Inc./Senior Developer
  Marty J. Richard BSEE 1999 Domtar Industries/E&I Superintendent
  Maurice Richard BSEE 1978 Retired/Sailboat Skipper
  Vaughan A Richardson II BSEE 80 Richardson Electrical Co., Inc. /Chief Estimator/Project Manager
  Glen A. Riley BSEE 1985 Lucent Technologies/General Manager, Mass Storage IC's
  Michael L. Rioux BSEE 2000 Pionite Decorative Surfaces/Facilities Electrical Engineer
  Douglas P. Robbins BSEE 1993 The MITRE Corporation/Senior Principal Engineer
  Tammy A. Roberts BSEE 1992 RLC Engineering /Senior Power System Engineer
  Enrique O. Rodriguez BSEE 2000 Fairchild Semiconductor/Technical Marketing
  Allen H. Rogers BSEE 1974 Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport RI/Support Software Branch Head
  Hayden S. Rogers BSEE 1934 Retired/
  Joe Rogers BSCEN 1995 imagic, inc./Software Engineer
  Edward G. Rolfe BSEE 1987 MIT Lincoln Laboratory/Associate Staff
  George E Rollins BSEE 1970 Rockwell Automation/Principal Engineer
  Thomas Romano BSCEN 1995 National Semiconductor/Test Systems Administrator
  Andrew Roy BSEE & BSCEN 1989 Adaptec Inc/Design Engineer
  Reginald Ruhlin BSEE 1986 Brewer School Dept./Faculty, High School math
  Debra Sapienza BSEE 1984 Analog Devices/Sr Laser Trim Dev Engineer
  Scott G Saucier BSEE 2000 MSEE 2002 Tibbetts Industries Inc./Electrical Engineer
  Joshua Schoolcraft BSEE & BSCEN 2005 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Network Systems Engineer / Technical Staff
  Michael G. Schweyer BSEE 1992 MSEE 1996 Micro Networks Corporation/SAW Fab Manager
  Bruce E. Segee BSEE 1985 MSCEN 1989 University of Maine/Associate Professor
  Scott B. Semle BSEE 1980 The Baker Company/VP, COO
  Pankaj Sethi MSCEN 1984 Cygnus Microsystems (P) Ltd.,/Director
  Kamal M. Shannak BSCEN 2002 University of Maine/GA
  Lalit Sharma MSCEN 1994 Software Technical Services/Programmer-Analyst
  Stacy L. Shaw MSEE 1997 MMG Insurance Company/Manager of Information Systems
  Andrew Sheaff BSEE 1993 MSCEN 1999 University of Maine/Lecturer/Systems Administrator
  Joseph D. Sites BSEE 1994 Sites and Associates, Inc/President
  Edward J. Skillings BSEE 1970 US Government/Attorney
  Wayne H Slade Jr BSEE 2000 MSEE 2004 University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences/Research Assistant
  Derek J. Small BSEE 1986 MYAT Inc/Director, Filter Products
  Forrest J. Small BSEE 1989 MSCEN 1991 Navigant Consulting, Inc./Associate Director, Energy Practice
  Jason R. Small BSEE 2001 National Grid/Lead Project Manager
  Dean J. Smith BSEE 1989 MSCEN 1991 Sensor Research and Development Corporation/Senior Staff Scientist
  Rebecka M. Smith BSEE 2002 Department of Defense/Systems Engineer
  Rodney A. Smith BSEE 1985 Raytheon Company/Program Manager
  Kannan Sockalingam BSEE 2000 MSCEN 2002 Jennic Ltd. (Sheffield, UK)/Product/Test Engineering
  Scott K. Springer BSEE 1983 IBM Microelectronics/Senior Engineer Manager
  Thyagarajan Srinivasan MSCEN 1994 Intel Corp./CAD Engineer
  Mark D. Stockman BSEE 1994 Town of Westborough/MIS/GIS Director
  John D. Strout BSEE 1982 National Semiconductor/Senior Manager - Technology Development
  Steven A. Surek BSEE 1977 MSCEN 1979 Lucent Technologies, Inc./Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
  Peter E. Sutherland BSEE 1983 GE Energy /Consulting Engineer
  Eric W. Swanson BSEE 1996 MSCEN 1998 Analog Devices Inc./Sr. Product Engineer
  Charles L. Sweetser BSEE 1992 MSCEN 1996 Doble Engineering Company/Principal Engineer
  Julie J. Swenson BSCEN 1998 I-many, Inc./Technical Engineer
  Jason M. Syversen BSCEN 1998 Siege Technologies/CEO
  Siew Jin Tan BSEE 1994 Jabil Circuit Inc./Sr Business Unit Manager
  John W. Tarr BSEE 1987 Harriman Associates/Architects & Engineers/Electrical Engineer
  Andrew J. Taylor BSEE 1997 Verizon Wireless/Engineering Manager
  Ying H. Tham BSEE 1993 Fujitsu/Senior Director, Service Delivery
  Robert G. Thibault BSEE 1981 Logicon, Inc./Director, Application Engineering
  Mark W Thoren MSEE 2001 BSBRE 1996 Linear Technology/Applications Engineering Manager
  Stephen M. Tibbetts BSCEN 2002 Microsoft/Software Development Engineer
  Willis J. Tompkins BSEE 1963 MSCEN 1965 University of Wisconsin-Madison/Prof BME
  Randolph R. Tripp BSEE 1950 /Retired
  Martin J Troy BSEE 1976 Madison Paper Industries/Manager, Elec & Inst. & Hydro
  Robert L. Tukey BSCEN 1997 IBM Microelectronics Division/Programming Engineer
  Raghu k Tumati MSEE 2008 Texas Instruments/Product Engineer
  Shawn D. Upton BSEE 1999 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc/Product Test Development Engineer
  Kevin A. Vetelino BSEE 1993 Triquint Semiconducotr/Test Engineering Manager
  Cory A. Voisine BSEE 1998 MSEE 2000 Fairchild Semiconductor/Principal Circuit Designer
  Steven M. Waldstein BSEE 1977 MSEE 1979 MSCEN 1979 Fairchild Semiconductor/Member of Technical Staff
  Daniel R Walker BSCEN 2003 Primar, LLC/IT Director
  Denham S. Ward BSEE 1969 University of Rochester/Chair + Prof of Anethesiology, Prof. of EE
  Carver L. Washburn BSEE 1954 Signs of Design, Inc./President
  Peter J. Washburn BSEE 1985 Department of Energy/Nuclear Safety Engineer
  Kathleen Wetherby BSEE 1987 ViaSat, Inc./R&D Engineering/Market Development
  Bryan A. White BSEE 1977 Retired after 22 1/2 years with US Government/
  Francis R. White BSEE 1977 MSCEN 1978 IBM/Senior Engineer
  Al Whitney BSEE 1962 MSCEN 1964 University of Maine/Lecturer (Retired)
  E. Spider C. Williams BSEE 1998 University of Maine/Lecturer/EET coordinator Retired
  Samuel Ace Winchenbach BSEE 2002 University of Maine/Graduate Reasearch Assistant
  Michael E. Woodward BSEE 1994 MagnaTek, Palmetto, Florida/Engineer Manager
  Malcolm Young BSEE 1958 IBM (retired)/Senior Engineer (retired)
  Xiaojing Zhang MSCEN 1998 The University of Texas at Austin/Assistant Professor
  Cindy A. Zoldi-Sood BSEE 1996 Los Alamos National Laboratory/Staff Member