ECE 478 group project ideas


PLC controlled model train-  This includes figuring out what's what, keeping track of where the train is, controlling the tracks and interfacing with the web people.  Debugging the hardware is likely to be a part of this project.


PLC web interface-  Modicon has an Ethernet/web server that can communicate with the PLC.  Using a package called "factorycast" you can do all sorts of cool interactive web stuff with the PLC.  What I'd really love is a web page that shows where the train is and allows you to control its path and/or turn it on and off.  The group that worked on this last year had some difficulty…figuring out factorycast is definitely part of this project. (A new version is available)



Allen-Bradley PLC- The power lab has oodles of new Allen-Bradley equipment.  With Patton's and/or Dunning's permission this group would dig into the equipment and report back what it is, what it does, what's better, what's worse. 


Embedded control.  I'm going to talk a bit about these in class, especially the PIC16F84.  If you already have experience with them, it would be cool to do a project (such as the Electroluminiscent wire) using them.  Having a PIC working with a PC or a PLC on a bigger problem is very cool indeed.


Feedback control- How about actually controlling something?


Fuzzy Logic- Always fun


Neural network- not as hard as it seems



Something else-  The best project is one that interests you.  If there is anything class related that you'd like to do, I'd love to hear about it.