Yifeng Zhu
Embedded Systems with ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers
in Assembly Language and C (Third Edition)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826926-6-0, Publisher: E-Man Press LLC; 3rd edition (July 2017)
Available from Amazon
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The following lab-in-a-box kits are recommended for labs associated with this book. These kits are breadboard friendly. Example project codes are shown here.

Lab Parts:
Including the discovery kit and lab parts, the total cost is approximately $50, excluding shiping and tax.
One USB cable (A-Male to Mini-B) (amazon), ~$5
One 4 x 4 matrix keypad (amazon), ~$5
One 28BYJ-48 5v stepper motor + ULN2003 driver board (amazon), ~$3
One HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance measuring sensor (amazon), ~$5
Two solderless breadboards (amazon), $3 each
Breadboard jumper wires, mixed of F/F and M/F, such as (amazon)
Potentiometer (digikey)
Digikey Number: 3352E-103LF-ND, Quantity: 1, Price: $1.53
Infrared light emitting diode (Digikey)
Digikey Number: QED123-ND, Quantity: 1, Price: $0.53
Infrared phototransistor (Digikey)
Digikey Number: QED124-ND, Quantity: 1, Price: $0.51
2N3904 NPNnpn transistor (digikey),
Digikey Number: 2N3904FS-ND, Quantity: 1, Price: $0.18

Murata Electronics North America PKM22EPPH4001-B0 Buzzer (digikey)
Digikey Number 490-4692-ND, Quantity: 1, Price: $1.25

Through Hole 2.2K Ohm Resistor (digikey),
Digikey Number: 2.2KQBK-ND, Quantity: 1, Total price: $0.10
Through Hole 5.6K Ohm Resistor (digikey),
Digikey Number: 5.6KQBK-ND, Quantity: 1, Total price: $0.10
Through Hole 100 Ohm Resistor (digikey),
Digikey Number: 100QTR-ND, Quantity: 1, Total price: $0.08
Through Hole 150 Ohm Resistor (digikey),
Digikey Number: 150DVCT-ND, Quantity: 1, Total price: $0.16