Information on taking the Amateur Radio Exam

In Scientific Ballooning we use amateur radio for a bit of what we do, so students will get their license early in the semester. This requires taking a multiple choice amateur radio exam and getting a passing grade. (Only the Technician exam will be required, passing the other tests gives you more "points"). The questions that will be asked on the exam come from a large pool of questions that you can study before hand (see below). We will give the exam on campus early in the semester at a time that works for everyone. The questions are not very technical and no Morse code is required (as it was in the past). Here are a few web sites for studying for the exam:

Question pools:
Online exam:
Another online exam:
And another:
Others mentioned here:

*Be careful because the question pools change every few years, and some of what you find on the internet for the tech exam involves a question pool that expired in summer 2018.

*Be aware that order of the answers to select from may be different on the actual test, so don't just remember that the answer to a certain question is the first choice (or whatever).

A list of what to bring is at