ECE 271 --- Microcomputer Architecture and Applications
Spring 2012

Instructor:   Prof. Rick Eason, 207 Barrows, 581-2242,
Office Hours: 11:00 - noon, MWF


Microcomputer Engineering, 3rd Edition, G.H. Miller, Prentice Hall (note: 2nd edition may be okay – mainly the chapter problems seem to be different, and I will accommodate both editions)

Course web page:
Prerequisites: ECE 275 or permission
Credits:     3 credits

Labs: This course will include a weekly lab. In most cases (especially later labs) you are required to do a considerable portion of the work before coming to lab. In these cases up to 60% of the lab grade will be based on what you have done by the beginning of the lab period.

Labs will be in the computer cluster in 225 Barrows. The lab is open for general use 8:00 am to 2:10 pm Mon.-Fri. and is reserved for specific sections of ECE 271 lab 2:10 pm to 5:00 pm M-Th.

Note: You need to have an ECE Dept. user name and password to use the computers in 225 Barrows. Most of you probably already have this. If not then see the instructor.


Number systems


Relation to High Level Code

68HC11 Architecture


Bit Operations

Programming Model

Use of TUTE to create, assemble, run and simulate programs

Arithmetic operations

Addressing Modes

Structured Programming


Tests & Calculators: Calculators will neither be needed nor allowed on tests.

Accommodation: If you have a disability for which you may be requesting an accommodation, please contact either your instructor or Ann Smith, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities (Onward Building, 581- 2319), as early as possible in the term.

Disruption: In the event of an extended disruption of normal classroom activities, the format for this course may be modified to enable its completion within its programmed time frame. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to the syllabus that will supersede this version.