ECE 275 --- Sequential Logic Systems
Fall 2020

Instructors: R. Eason, 205 Barrows, 581-2242,
    Office Hours: 3-5pm MWF most likely, but feel free to try me anytime during the day
Pascal Francis-Mezger, 13 Barrows,
    Office hours: (via zoom) tba
Credits: 3 credits
Web page:
Text: Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design (3rd ed.) by Brown and Vranesic
Prerequisite: ECE 177
Grading: Attendance: This will be a hybrid class while classes are on campus. During this time 1/3 of the class will attend in person on their assigned day and the rest will attend online during the class period. And yes, you are expected to be in class on your assigned day, unless circumstances warrant otherwise, in which case you should let the instructor know. You are allowed three days absence (in person or on-line). Beyond that, one point will be taken off your final grade for every absence - no excuses. This penalty will not be used, however, to pull your grade below a "D" (It won't cause you to fail when you would otherwise pass).

Approximate Course Outline:

Tests: Tests will be closed book. Calculators will neither be needed nor allowed.

Labs: We will have labs throughout the semester. Please attend in person (or on-line when directed) on your assigned lab day. Each student will be provided hardware that can be taken home. By accepting this hardware, the student is agreeing to return the hardware at the end of the semester with shipping pre-paid by the department.

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Course Schedule Disclaimer (Disruption Clause): In the event of an extended disruption of normal classroom activities (due to COVID-19 or other long-term disruptions), the format for this course may be modified to enable its completion within its programmed time frame. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to the syllabus that will supersede this version.

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