Lab 5, Spring 2021

In this lab you will have the robot move to points directed by the user.  You will add the following routine to the ones previously developed.

Write a routine which will move the robot from one set of desired joint angles to another.  Because the robot is controlled by giving it a number of steps, the current position of each joint should be kept track of at all times.  Also, joint motions on the Lab-Volt robot are not independent: instructing the shoulder to move causes the elbow and wrist to move, and instructing the elbow to move causes the wrist to move. See Information on movement for the Lab-Volt robots for more information. To test this routine, your main program should accept a set of joint angles, and the robot should be instructed to move there. It should then accept a new set of joint angles and then move there (keep repeating).  Do not return to home between moves.  The joints should move simultaneously for each instructed move.