Notebook content: 15%
    Lab sheet in notebook?
    Cross-assembled program in notebook?
    Neatly drawn flow charts or pseudo code in notebook?
    Simulation (when required) is in notebook?
        Is it annotated, clearly showing correct operation?
    Necessary calculations / recorded results in notebook? Are they correct?

Coding style and documentation: 35%
    (Is the code well written and easy to understand?)
    Name(s) on a comment line?
    Program has lead-in comments?
    Subroutines have complete header comments?
    Each instruction group (but not necessarily each instruction) is commented?

    Meaningful labels are used for operands?

    Subroutines are transparent?
    Code is organized into easy-to-understand modules?
    Flow of code is simple, only flows forward & is easy to follow?

Program content: 40%
    Program coding appears to meet all specifications?
        All necessary initialization is performed?
        Program is implemented as assigned?
        Modules have obvious errors? Major errors?
    Program execution meets all specifications?

Extra effort: 10%
    The last 10% can be earned by implementing more than is required.

Late Policy 10% per day

Different grades may be given to each lab partner.