ECE 471 --- Microprocessor Applications Engineering
Fall 2008

Professor: R. Eason, 207 Barrows, 581-2242,
Office Hours: noon - 1pm, M-F


Microcomputer Engineering, 3rd ed. by G.H. Miller, Prentice Hall (recommended - not required) 

M68HC11 Reference Manual and MC68HC11A8 Technical Data --- Motorola (provided free)

PIC16F8XX Data Manual --- MicroChip (provided free)

Prerequisite: ECE 171 or ECE 271
Credits: 3 credits --- 2 design credits

Handouts: There will be quite a few of them --- try to organize them.

Labs: We will have a number of labs. A lab sheet describing each lab will be handed out prior to the lab. Both the lab sheet and your work must be stapled or taped in your spiral bound, or equivalent, notebook. This is to be turned in when the lab is completed and checked off by the Teaching Assistant.

In order to handle more people with our lab facilities and give practice in working in a software development team, there will be two-person groups whenever possible. Each person should maintain his/her own notebook, but only one will be checked. Each person should have an equal share in preparing and performing each lab.

Lab grades: If you do a good job in performing the assignment as given on the lab sheet then you will get a 90 on the lab. If your lab is not fully functional or your write-up is not up to snuff, then you will get less than 90. To get more than 90 you must go beyond what the assignment calls for.

Tests & Calculators: Calculators will neither be needed nor allowed on tests.

Accommodation: If you have a disability for which you may be requesting an accommodation, please contact either your instructor or Ann Smith, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities (Onward Building, 581- 2319), as early as possible in the term.