Impacts of Indirect Blocks on Buffer Cache Energy Efficiency, in Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP 2008), Portland, Oregon, USA, September 2008 (acceptance rate: 81/263 = 31%) .

Indirect blocks, part of a file' smetadata used for locating this file's data blocks, are typically treated indistinguishably from file's data blocks in buffer cache. This paper shows that this conventional approach will significantly detriment the overall energy efficiency of memory systems. Scattering small but frequently accessed indirected blocks over all memory chips reduce the energy saving opportunities. We propose a new energy-efficient buffer cache management scheme, named MEEP, which separates indirect and data blocks into different memory chips. Our trace-driven simulation results show that our new scheme can save memory energy up to 16.8% and 15.4% in the I/O-intensive server workloads TPC-R and TPC-H, respectively.

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