ECE 417 --- Introduction to Robotics

Course syllabus

Homework and LAB assignments (the due dates are probably OK, but are subject to change):


Labs: (Note that the order of the labs has been changed)

Note: LabVolt drivers and code here.

Labvolt simulator Windows version is here (zipped) and files for Ubuntu are here.
Notes for installing the simulator on Windows are ** here ** and for installing on Linux are ** here **
Notes for running the simulator are ** here **

Note: A summary of PROARM commands is given here. (This is FYI only; we are not using this robot this semester)

Matrix review
Transform notes

Quick start guide for setting up PuTTY, running ssh, and doing a gcc compile (PC)

One page quick reference on the linux command line

Highlight of some gdb (gcc command line) debugger commands is here.

Class Notes:
Class notes from January 25
Class notes from January 27 and 29
Class notes from February 1 and 3
Class notes from February 3, 5, 8 and 10
Class notes from February 12 and 17
Example from February 17
Class notes from February 17, 19, 22 and 24
Hw 6 starter from February 24
Puma robot kinematics from February 24
DH matrix notes from March 3
Inverse kinematics notes starting March 3
Class notes from March 12 to 17
Class notes from March 19
Class notes from March 22
Class notes from March 26
Trajectory planning notes beginning March 26
Lab 5 notes from April 2
Dynamics notes beginning April 5
Mobile robots notes April 7
Lab 6 notes from April 9
Notes on actuators from April 14
Notes on sensors beginning April 14
Class notes from April 21
Class notes from April 30

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