Using SSH for Homework and Projects

ssh, or "secure shell", lets you securely log into other machines, usually running Linux, UNIX, or Mac OSX.

Logging into a System with SSH

Copying Files over SSH

On a Linux or Mac OSX machine you can use the "scp" command to copy files to and from a remote machine using the ssh protocol. For example, you can do
"scp username@HOSTNAME:project_1.tar.gz ."
which will copy the file project_1.tar.gz from your home directory on HOSTNAME to the local directory on your current computer (after entering your password). You can do the reverse,
"scp project5.tar.gz username@HOSTNAME:"
will copy project5.tar.gz from your local machine to your home directory on HOSTNAME. You can specify subdirectories and the like when giving the path to the project involved.

It is often inconvenient to do complex SCP commands. There are GUIs that make this easier. One free scp/sftp client I have used on Windows is WinSCP which gives a GUI interface for transfering the files back and forth.