Basic Block Vector (BBV) Research

I've developed some tools for generating Basic Block Vectors as used by the SimPoint analysis tool.

My paper that appears in HiPEAC 2008 describes the x86 portion of this work. We have further results which we plan to publish soon.

We are currently working on getting cross-platform SimPoints working for a variety of platforms. The table below is a summary of our progress.
Target ArchCollected OnTools UsedBenchmarksValidatedPaper
x86 x86,x86_64 Pin, Qemu, Valgrind SPEC2k, SPEC2k6Y HiPEAC08
x86_64 x86_64 Pin, Qemu, ValgrindSPEC2kOngoing
MIPS x86_64 QemuSPEC2kOngoing
PPC PPC Qemu, ValgrindSPEC2kN
SPARC x86_64 QemuSPEC2k,SPEC2k6Ongoing Status
ALPHA x86_64 QemuSPEC2kN
ARM x86_64 Qemu, ValgrindSPEC2kN

Here are links to the various tools:
Here are slowdown numbers for the various tools
Somewhat related, see some CPI Phase behavior plots for SPEC CPU benchmarks.
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