PAPI / perf_event on KNC

This page tells how to get PAPI and Linux perf_event working on Intel's MIC/KNC/Knight's Corner/Xeon Phi.


Full support for the Knights Corner PMU (written by me) is included in the upcoming Linux 3.7 release. However, KNC isn't support by the rest of the kernel out of the box so you'll probably want to follow the below directions for patching Intel's kernel.

Patching Intel's MPSS

Intel provides a Manycore Platform Software Stack (MPSS) for the MIC. perf_event support is not included yet by default (though there's hope this will happen in the near future). Until then you have to patch and re-compile the kernel manually.

Patching MPSS Gold Update 1

Patching MPSS Gold Initial Release

Setting up PAPI

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