Valgrind Ruby

The point of this project is to hook up Valgrind to a multi-core cache simulator.

Initial plan is to strip Ruby out of m5 (which for some reason is where Ruby work is happening these days, rather than at GEMS).

The following documents the steps I am doing, mainly as a reminder to myself.

Downloading and Building m5

Testing m5


/fusion/research4/vince/m5/m5/build/X86_SE/m5.opt --trace-flags=Exec --outdir ../m5_output/x86 /fusion/research4/vince/m5/m5//configs/example/ -c ./ll.i386.fakeproc | less

Building ruby stand-alone



x86 spec2k

See a more detailed page here: m5 x86_se spec2k status

multi-arch spec2k

As of 16 September 2009 for gcc.expr from spec2k:

Patches to m5

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