PAPI Counter Validation Tests

My PAPI validation tests have been merged into the PAPI development tree and will be included with the PAPI 6.0 release. Older versions of the tests can be found here:

Deterministic Counter Validation

I've done some work attempting to validate the various deterministic performance counters on a variety of systems. More on this will follow.

I wrote a large x86_64 assembly-language program that attempts to exercise most x86 instructions. I then tried to validate the various retired instruction/load/store/etc counters on 6 different x86_64 machines. You can find the results of that research here:
Deterministic Counter Work


It would be nice to be able to use DBI tools when doing such validations. I like using Valgrind, but various instructions aren't supported.

Here's my reminder list of those that need to be implemented:

Missing Instructions: meta bug 253451
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