Valtaxi - A valgrind frontend for the TAXI simulator

The TAXI simulator is a modified version of the PISA SimpleScalar that can take in an instruction and memory trace from the BOCHS emulator. This way x86 programs can be run, and converted to PISA operations which are roughly equivalent to x86 uops.

This plugin was designed so that valgrind could be used to generate the traces instead of BOCHS.

The author of TAXI no longer distributes its code on his website, so this plugin is not particularly useful. (note, I think he has returned the code).

This code was written in an attempt to get a useful x86 simulator working in the 2005 timeframe. The project was later abandoned. I've included the code here in case anyone wants to try anything similar; it is unsupported and it's been long enough ago I don't remember a lot of the details anymore. For completion, I am linking to the patches I had applied on top of TAXI in order to make it compile on recent machines, as well as link properly to valgrind: vmw_taxi.diff (55k)

Here are some other related files:
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