ECE471 Required Hardware

For ECE471 there is no required textbook, but you will be required to have a Raspberry Pi computer with which to do your homework assignments.

The hope is you already have a Pi from previous classes or just because you are an ECE major.

For Fall 2022 there is a worldwide Raspberry Pi shortage due to global electronics parts disruptions. If you have trouble getting a Pi, we will have alternative plans in place to make sure everyone can successfully complete the class.

If you have trouble finding a Pi, this link might be helpful: Raspberry Pi Locator. Just be careful and make sure you get the proper model (see below), be careful ordering from unknown or overseas sites, and try not to pay more than $50 or so.

Raspberry Pi naming has gotten complex over the years. Here is a summary.

Pi Boards good for ECE471

Pi Boards that could work but not recommended

Pi Boards *NOT* recommended

The 4B models are a lot fancier/faster/have more RAM but we won't need that for class, and they have some features that make it harder to use [for example, they need micro-HDMI cables for video and a USB-C charger for power, unlike the earlier models].

Required Hardware

To do the homework assignemnts you will need:

Optional Hardware

Optional things that can make development easier but aren't strictly necessary:

Other Parts We'll Use

Note you do *not* have to order these yourselves, this is for reference. I loan these parts out each year, but in 2020 due to remote learning I had this list for those who couldn't make it to campus.
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