ECE471: Embedded Systems

University of Maine ECE

Fall 2022

Instructor: Vincent Weaver
The class meeting time is Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10:00am-10:50am.
The meeting place is Williams 219.

Office hours:

Notes on Required Hardware

Required Raspberry Pi Hardware



Course Listing

Application of micro-processors to the solution of design problems, including hardware characteristics, peripheral control techniques and system development. Lec 3. (Fall.)

What We'll Do this Semester

We will investigate modern embedded systems, with a focus on ARM processors.

Class Schedule

Week 1 29 August
Introduction to Embedded Systems
Lecture 1 notes
31 August
Embedded Hardware, 8 vs 32-bit
Lecture 2 notes
2 September
Embedded Tradeoffs, ARM History
Lecture 3 notes
Week 2 5 September
No class, Labor day
7 September
Single Board Computers, Raspberry Pi
Lecture 4 notes
9 September
C, Running Linux on a Pi
Lecture 5 notes
Week 3 12 September
Pi Setup, Linux Commandline Demo
Lecture 6 notes
14 September
C review, Compiling Executables
Lecture 7 notes
16 September
ABIs and Assembly Overview
Lecture 8 notes
Lecture 8 sample code
Week 4 19 September
Lecture 9 notes
ARM32 assembly Overview
21 September
Lecture 10 notes
THUMB/Thumb2/AARCH64, Code Density
23 September
Lecture 11 notes
Linux GPIO Interface
Week 5 26 September
GPIO wrapup, ELF Executables, Virtual Memory
28 September
HW3 Review, Operating Systems
30 September
Week 6 3 October
5 October
HW4 Review, Trusted Firmware
7 October
Booting, Processes
Week 7 10 October
No Class, Fall Break
12 October
Midterm Review
14 October
Midterm Exam
Week 8 17 October
Real Time Systems
19 October
No class -- Engineering Career Fair
21 October
Week 9 24 October
Real Time OS Issues
26 October
Real Time OSes: FreeRTOS, Linux
28 October
1-wire bus
Week 10 31 October
C string Review, Computer Security
2 November
More Computer Security
4 November
Even More Computer Security
Week 11 7 November
Buggy Software Case Studies
9 November
More Case Studies
11 November
No classes, Veteran's Day
Week 12 14 November
Writing Good Code
Audio Output
16 November
Midterm Review
18 November
Midterm #2
Week 13 21 November
Energy / Power Concerns
23 November
25 November
Week 14 28 November
Other busses
30 November
2 December
Final Exam Review / Projects
Week 15 5 December
Project Presentations
7 December
Project Presentations
9 December
Project Presentations

Homework Assignments

Final Project

Old Lecture Videos

Old lecture videos from 2020 can be found here let me know if you need the password.

Optional Useful Textbooks

ARM Assembly Language Links

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