ECE498/598: Linux Assembly Language Programming

This is a 1 credit class that will meet from 13 November through 13 December 2012.

The class meeting time is Tues/Thurs at 8am-9:15am. The meeting place is 133 Barrows.

The class requires department permission to register, so you may have to register in person at the ECE office. If you are not an ECE Jr/Sr/Grad Student and still want to take this class, please contact me for further info.


Preliminary Syllabus

Class Schedule

Week 1 13 Nov
Introduction to Linux Assembly Language
Lecture 1 Notes
15 Nov
Introduction to the x86 architecture
Lecture 2 Notes
Sample Code
Week 2 20 Nov
64-bit x86 Assembly
Lecture 3 Notes
Sample Code
22 Nov
No Class, Thanksgiving
Week 3 27 Nov
Introduction to ARM Assembly language
Lecture 4 Notes
Sample Code
29 Nov
ARM Assembly Continued
Lecture 5 Notes
Sample Code
Week 4 4 Dec
ARM Thumb and THUMB-2
Lecture 6 Notes
Sample code
6 Dec
8-bit 6502 / 16-bit 65c816 Programming
Lecture 7 Notes
Sample code
Week 5 11 Dec
Video Game Programming
Lecture 8 Notes
Sample code
13 Dec
Assembly Code Optimization
Lecture 9 Notes
Sample code

Homework Assignments

Final Project

Assigned 6 December, Due 21 December 6pm.
Note the new extended deadline, and updated project description! Changes to the pdf are in red text. Project 1 assignment: project1.pdf
Code for assignment: project1_code.tar.gz

Optional Reading

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