ECE 471 --- Microprocessor Applications Engineering

Course syllabus

LAB assignments (links will be updated as the labs are assigned):

Lab grade guidelines
Example C code

HC11 stuff

EVBplus2 board software (zipped). Includes development environment software and PDF documentation.

Axiom software (zipped) - boards used previously

AX11 for Windows software (zipped)

Tute software (zipped) - Version of  2-6-00. (update to simulator.dll)

Axiom web site

PIC stuff

Pic software.  This is some older command line software along with plans and software for a serial port PIC programmer.

Microchip web site

MPLAB Windows software is Microchip's integrated package for developing, simulating, programming, etc. PICs. The current version now uses a web-based install. See the Microchip web site and click on "Development Tools" under the "Developers Toolbox" (on the left last time I looked).

Free professional grade C compiler for the PIC16F84 from HI-TECH Software. Click on the PIC-Lite link.

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