ECE571: Advanced Microprocessor-Based Design

University of Maine ECE

Fall 2022

Instructor: Vincent Weaver
The class meeting time is Tues/Thurs 2:00pm-3:15pm.
The meeting place is Barrows 131.



Official Course Description

Includes techniques for developing software and hardware for microprocessor-based systems, computer aided design using a multistation logic development system, use of components commonly found in microprocessor-based systems. Lec 2, Lab 3. (Spring.)

What We'll Do this Semester

We will investigate modern high-performance and embedded systems, with a focus on ARM and x86 processors. We will investigate hardware and software design on such systems, evaluating based on performance, power, energy, and code density.

Class Schedule

Week 1 30 August
Lecture 1 Notes
1 September
Using perf
Lecture 2 Notes
Optional Reading: Performance -- P&H 2007 Chapter 4 or P&H RISC-V Chapter 1 Optional Reading: Perf Zine
Week 2 6 September
Simple Microprocessor Background
Lecture 3 Notes
Optional Reading: CPUs -- P&H 2007 Chapter 2 or P&H RISC-V Chapter 2
8 September
Advanced Microprocessors (Pipelines, Super-Scalar)
Lecture 4 Notes
Optional Reading: Pipelines and Super-Scalar -- P&H 2007 Chapter 6 or P&H RISC-V Chapter 4
Week 3 13 September
Advanced Microprocessors (OoO, SMT)
Lecture 5 Notes
Optional Reading: P&H RISCV Chapter 4.11
15 September
Paper Discussion, Power and Energy Measurement
Lecture 6 Notes
Optional Reading: H&P Chapter 1.5
Week 4 20 September
Power/Energy Wrapup
Lecture 7 Notes
Static Branch Predictors

Lecture 7.5 Notes
Optional Reading: H&P Chapter 3.3
22 September
Dynamic Branch Predictors/Value Prediction
Lecture 9 Notes
Week 5 27 September
Optional Reading: H&P Chapter 2.1, Appendix B
29 September
More Caches
Week 6 4 October
6 October
Virtual Memory
Week 7 11 October
Fall Break
13 October
Virtual Memory + Caches
Week 8 18 October
Cache Security/Meltdown/Spectre
20 October
CPU Energy
Week 9 25 October
DRAM / Midterm Review
27 October
Midterm Exam
Week 10 1 November
3 November
DRAM Power/Security, System RAPL papers
Week 11 8 November
System Component Power
10 November
Week 12 15 November
17 November
ARM / Intel CPU Papers
Week 13 22 November
24 November
Week 14 29 November
GPU Background
1 December
GPU Background
Week 15 6 December
GPU Readings
8 December
Project Presentations

Homework Assignments

Assigned Readings



There are older lecture recordings available, let me know if you need access to them: link

Optional Reading

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