An Implementation of Steensgaard's Algorithm

I implemented a small interpreter that understands an extremely small subset of C and performs Steensgaard's Algorithm on it.
The code compiles and runs on Linux (and similar systems).
It is available here: steensgaard-0.8.0.tar.gz (8k) (Updated 1 July 2011)


Steensgaard tool version 0.8.0
        by Vince Weaver 
	        ../steen -debug -show-dummy -h -html=prefix
        -debug       = turn on debug messages
	-show-dummy  = show dummy variables
	-h           = print this help
	-html=PREFIX = create HTML result, with prefix given

Commands the Interpreter Understands:

Sample Output:

The following were auto-generated (including graphs) by the above tool.