VMW Group Tech Reports

NumberDateTitleRelated Project
UMAINE-VMW-TR-PEBS-IBS-SAMPLING 2016-07 Advanced Hardware Profiling and Sampling (PEBS, IBS, etc.): Creating a New PAPI Sampling Interface sampling
UMAINE-VMW-TR-UNCORE-OFFCORE 2015-10 System-wide Performance Counter Measurements: Offcore, Uncore, and Northbridge Performance Events in Modern Processors uncore
UMAINE-VMW-TR-DRAM-RAPL 2015-08 Initial Validation of DRAM and GPU RAPL Power Measurements
UMAINE-VMW-TR-POWER-MEASURE 2015-08 VMW Group Power Measurement Techniques
UMAINE-VMW-TR-PERF-FUZZER 2015-07 perf_fuzzer: Targeted Fuzzing of the perf_event_open() System Call perf_fuzzer
UMAINE-VMW-TR-PAPIV6_PROPOSAL 2014-06 Proposed Features for the PAPI 6.0 Release papi papers
?? 2014-03 Non-Determinism and Overcount on Modern Hardware Performance Counter Implementations - Extended Determinism
?? 2015-06 Design and Analysis of a 32-bit Embedded High-Performance Cluster Optimized for Energy and Performance - Extended Edition Pi Cluster
?? 2015-06 ll: Exploring the Limits of Code Density Code Density

While at University of Tennessee

NumberDateTitleRelated Project
2012-08 New Features in the PAPI 5.0 Release papi papers
2012-06 Writing Components for PAPI-C papi papers
2012-03 Proposed Post-4.2 PAPI API/ABI Changes papi papers

While at Cornell

NumberDateTitleRelated Project
CSL-TR-2008-1051, 2008-08 Can Hardware Performance Counters be Trusted? iiswc08

While at APG

NumberDateTitleRelated Project
2003-08 Web Plotting: Using gnuplot and vis5d in a Web Environment
1996-08 Hypertext Interfaces for Models: Modeling on the World Wide Web
1995-08 Creating X Window Graphical User Interfaces for Text Programs

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