ECE574: Cluster Computing

University of Maine ECE

Spring 2023

Instructor: Vincent Weaver
The class meeting time is Tues/Thurs at 12:30pm-1:45pm.
The meeting place is Barrows 125.
Final exam: there is no final exam for this course.

Office hours:



Official Course Description

Advances in high-end computational technology continue to bring the digital revolution into academic, industrial and commercial areas. A popular approach for achieving high performance for these application domains is to use parallel computers. Introduces the primary parallel computer architectures, as well as the programming techniques applicable to concurrent, parallel and distributed computations. Students will gain experience in developing parallel computing solutions for challenging problems. Lec 3. (Offered once every two years - Spring.)

Class Schedule

Week 1 17 January
Intro to Cluster Computing
Lecture 1 notes
19 January
Top500 List, Performance
Lecture 2 notes
Week 2 24 January
Speedup/Scaling/Performance Measurement
Lecture 3 notes
26 January
Clusters / Job Scheduling / SLURM
Lecture 4 notes
Week 3 31 January
Computer Architecture Review / CPU Parallelism
Lecture 5 notes
2 February
Lecture 6 notes
Week 4 7 February
9 February
Week 5 14 February
16 February
OpenMP Examples
Week 6 21 February
Distributed Systems / MPI
23 February
MPI Examples
Week 7 28 February
Review/HW6 Review
2 March
First Midterm
Week 8 7 March
MPI Walkthrough, Reliability
9 March
Fault Tolerance / Checkpointing
Week 9 14 March
Spring Break
16 March
Spring Break
Week 10 21 March
23 March
Week 11 28 March
CUDA update, Intro to Power/Energy
30 March
Other Accels, OpenCL
Week 12 4 April
Vulkan, More Power/Energy, Virtualization, Cloud Computing
6 April
Big Data, Cluster Filesystems, Hadoop
Week 13 11 April
The Quest for Exascale
13 April
Week 14 18 April
Second Exam
20 April
Next Stop, Zettascale
Week 15 25 April
Project Presentations
27 April
Project Presentations

Homework Assignments


Relevant Papers

Optional Reading

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